Travel Diary | Baltic Cruise | Stockholm, Sweden

Guys, I’m sorry! I’ve gotten so behind with my Travel Diary series from my Baltic Cruise last summer. I mean, since that trip I’ve been to Disneyland Paris, and I’m off to Barcelona in two weeks time. So yeah, I need to get my arse into gear! 😂

Better late than never though, am I right?!

Oh Stockholm!

Stockholm was one of the cities I was most looking forward to visiting on the cruise and it didn’t disappoint.

We had to get a shuttle bus into the city centre as we were docked a little far out to walk in, but as soon as we stepped off the bus I realised two things:

  1. I was seriously in love with Stockholm.
  2. We definitely didn’t have enough time there!

It looked absolutely beautiful and there was so much to explore. But as we were on a cruise we didn’t actually have that much time, and by this point in the holiday my legs were killing me. So we just decided to do as much as we could and agreed that we would come back for a proper city break in the near future.

First things first, we headed over to a place I really wanted to visit; Ikea!

Yes, I wanted to see an Ikea in its home country! Thanks to Google Maps we found a small Ikea in the city centre that only sold kitchens, but I had to visit it and get a photo taken outside. Passers-by must have thought I was mad.

Moving swiftly on, we explored an area called Norrmalm which is the like the commercial part of the city. We then we crossed one of the bridges into Gamla Stan which is the old town of Stockholm.

We wandered through the courtyard of the The Royal Palace and then through the cobbled streets of Gamla Stan.

I really did love this part of the city, even though there were a lot of tourists around. We found some cool comic shops and record stores along the way. And if you fancy crepes or waffles then you’ll find plenty of places to grab a bite to eat.

If you follow me on Instagram then you may have seen that we stopped for lunch in McDonalds. Now, I know it’s not very cultural to go to McDonalds when you’re travelling but hear me out; it was something special.

It was hands down the best McDonalds I have ever had! I had a truffle and onion burger with sweet potato fries. Even now I still can’t get over how good it was. Hurry up and bring sweet potato fries to the UK, McDonalds!

Tyrone had a veggie burger that he said was incredible, but they do also sell a vegan burger.

That’s something we noticed in Sweden; they really accommodate vegetarians. Even better than they do here in the UK. And after our time in Russia it made a pleasant change.

Once we got back to the cruise ship, I headed up to the top deck to take some pictures of Stockholm from a distance. As you can see, there’s a theme park quite close to the city. We’ll have to go back to Stockholm just to visit there. 😉

After Stockholm we had another day at sea before arriving in Warnemünde in Germany. But instead of spending the day in Warnemünde or Rostock, we went on an excursion to Berlin. So stay tuned for my next post! Hopefully it won’t take me another 6 months to publish that one!