Eurovision 2023

I’ve watched Eurovision for as long as I can remember.

Each year I would tune in, knowing that it was highly likely the United Kingdom would get zero points and/or be at the bottom of the leader board. Regardless, I always enjoyed watching the show. I particularly enjoyed trying to guess which countries would give points to each other based on geographical location.

“Norway? Oh they’ll be giving points to Sweden and Finland. What do you mean Ireland haven’t given us any?!”

But last year was different. The UK actually had a decent entry for once, and we came second to Ukraine.

Unfortunately, because of the war Ukraine were unable to host the competition, and so as runners up the UK were asked to host. There were quite a few cities in the running to be the host city, and I was keeping everything crossed that it would be Liverpool. Afterall, it is a UNESCO City of Music.

As soon as I found out Liverpool would be the host city I knew I had to go. I didn’t care how, I wanted to be involved in some way. When the tickets went on sale I sat at my computer with a whole load of tabs open, refreshing like crazy. With a bit of luck, I managed to get some tickets for the semi final 1 afternoon preview show.

Yesterday was the day and so I headed into Liverpool, wearing my flower print flares (because if you can’t wear jazzy trousers to Eurovision, when can you) to watch the show.

I didn’t know what to expect from a preview show, but essentially it was a full run through of the live semi final show that would be broadcast around the world later that evening. We got to see all 15 acts in semi final 1 perform live in full costume with all the lighting and pyro effects.

I bloody loved it! Honestly, there was such a fun and uplifting mood in the arena, and it was incredible to see such a variety of performers on stage. I didn’t want it to end!

Not only did I love seeing all the acts perform, I also enjoyed seeing all the bits and pieces you don’t see when you watch the show on TV. In-between each performance a short video about the next act (called a postcard) is shown to viewers at home, but while you’re watching this there is a massive team rushing around bringing the stage to life with various props and décor. It was so impressive!

I feel so incredibly lucky that I was able to go to this show as I know tickets were like gold dust. It was very special to see Eurovision in the city I love so dearly and I know they’re going to put on the most incredible grand final this coming Saturday.

It’s Ukraine’s party; we’re just hosting it. And Liverpool know how to party!


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